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There is a place in the heart of Turin where the ambiance of the early 20th century has never been forgotten.

The prestigious San Federico Gallery is a place of passage, of business and leisure, home of timeless beauty, where the ancient rhythm of the past meets the frenzy of the present. Over the course of almost a century it has hosted luxury shops and offices, elegant bars and restaurants, the headquarters of La Stampa and Juventus, as well as the historic Lux cinema.
Now completely restored, San Federico Gallery has returned to its former glory.
An allure rich in memories that looks to the future: an architectural jewel that shines with new light.


San Federico Gallery was built at the beginning of the 1930s, starting with a renovation of Natta Gallery, to create a new covered, modern, and prestigious commercial area. Directed by the architect Federico Canova and the engineer Vittorio Bonadè Bottino, works were completed after just a year and the area soon became the beating heart of a lively and dynamic Turin: not just an area of transit, but a destination for meetings, entertainment, and business.
One of the first offices was occupied by the editorial staff of the La Stampa newspaper.
Cinema Rex opened (later Dux, still later Lux), and subsequently the gallery hosted the headquarters of the SAI insurance company and the Juventus soccer team, alongside professional studios and artisanal boutiques.


"Heaven-earth" building, eclectic style, six floors – two below ground – plus mezzanine and attic, distinguished by colored marbles designed to bring out the large windows with brass profiles on green-colored frames. Light's role is fundamental and always abundant thanks to the glass blocks in the arches. From a technological point of view, the most interesting element is the large lowered glass block vault formed by a series of traditional reinforced concrete arches that create an elliptical barrel vault surmounted by domes over the three atriums accessing the staircases and Cinema.

the identity

The identity

In less than three years of work, the restructuring of the Cinema Lux followed the creation of a new area in the Gallery: the Mall features modern and innovative commercial spaces combined with a new area dedicated to food.

A design effort that has made San Federico Gallery a nexus of past and future. A redevelopment project that has regenerated a historic building that is the symbol of the city, the engine that drives Turin's city center, creating an attractive and multifunctional hub: historic shops, prestigious boutiques, and modern commercial spaces on the ground floor, professional and business offices on the upper floors, a multi-screen movie theater and shopping center, and finally the Fiorfood concept store.

The Location



In the heart of Turin, a few steps from Piazza Castello and Palazzo Madama, the university, and the famous Egyptian Museum, San Federico Gallery has a T-shaped layout that can be accessed from Via Bertola, Via Roma – one of the main streets of the city's historic center – and Via Santa Teresa. The Gallery stands next to the main office buildings and the city's most famous theaters, and is served by several public transportation lines (trams and buses). Porta Nuova train station and the subway station of the same name are just a 10 minute walk away.

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