Information on cookies

This page outlines the way the site is managed with reference to the use of cookies and the relative processing of the personal data of users that interact with it.

See the Privacy section to find out more about the security policy of our site, the Data Controller, a list of those in Charge of Processing, the processing methods and the rights of interested parties (pursuant to current legislation on personal data protection).

Cookies are small pieces of data that sites visited send to users’ devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones, and notebooks) where they are stored on the browser to be sent back to the same sites on the next visit. They are used to identify users, monitor sessions and memorise information about sites (without the use of “technical” cookies some operations would be extremely complex or impossible to carry out). When visiting a site users can receive cookies that are sent from other web sites or servers (so-called “third party” cookies) that may have some elements (such as images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages in other domains for example) that are present on the same site the user is visiting.

Our site uses TECHNICAL cookies. These cookies allow users to visit the site and retrieve information easily by simplifying the connection and transmission of data from users to the site.
In particular we use:

  • navigation or temporary or permanent session cookies: the ensure normal navigation and use of the site by making it possible, for example to save information relating to navigation, to memorise data to keep the navigation session active and/or save information relating to “full screen” on/off settings while navigating the site.
  • analytical or third party cookies. We use analytical cookies (Google Analytics) to collect information relating to the use of our site. These cookies, similar to technical cookies, are processed in aggregate form to monitor the areas of the site that are visited most frequently, to improve site content, facilitate user navigation and to ensure the site works correctly.

The analytical cookies that are used are set by a different website to the one users are visiting. This is because every site may contain elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages in other domains etc.) that are stored on different servers to that of the site visited. We allow third parties to use analytical cookies on our website so that they can save information anonymously in order to prepare reports relating to site navigation.

To obtain information relating to third party cookies or to authorise, limit or block these cookies please see the information and use the relative consent form supplied by the third party by clicking on the following link: Google Analytics.

Cookies and browser settings

We herby inform you that you can authorise, limit or block cookies by using your browser settings, however if you set your device to disable technical cookies some services on the site may not be displayed correctly or not work in the right way.

Here you can find information on how disable cookies on your browser. If your browser does not contain the list below we ask you to see the instructions relating to cookie management provided by your browser.

Internet Explorer version 6 or higher

  • Select “Tools” on your browser’s toolbar
  • Select “Internet Options”
  • Select “Privacy” and then click “Advanced”
  • Select “Override automatic cookie handling”
  • Disable “Cookies from Websites visited” by selecting “Block”
  • Disable “Third party cookies” by selecting “Block”
  • Disable “Session cookies” by deselecting “Always allow session cookies”
  • Click “OK”

Firefox version 9 or higher

  • Select Tools” on your browser’s toolbar
  • Select “Options”
  • Select “Privacy”
  • In the “Chronology” area choose the option “use custom settings” from the drop down menu
  • Disable all cookies by deselecting “Accept cookies from websites”
  • Click “OK”

Google Chrome version 24 or higher

  • Select “Chrome Menu” on your browser’s toolbar
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “Show advanced settings”
  • In the “Privacy” section click “Content setting”
  • Disable all cookies by selecting “Prevent sites from setting any data” and “Block third party cookies and site data”
  • Click “OK”