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The building

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the building

In the Isola district of Milan, the renovation of De Castillia 23 returns an innovative and contemporary building to the city.

The design proposed by the Progetto CMR team and chosen by the Unipol Group for the renovation of the building in Via De Castillia not only includes esthetic aspects but also aims to improve its functionality, energy performance, and the overall efficiency of the building's management. The result is an iconic building with state-of-the-art technological solutions, consisting of two factory buildings measuring 53 and 15 meters high forming a 45° angle.

The facade

The building features a prismatic and elegant facade in harmony with its setting thanks to the interplay of diagonals that form a glass checkerboard, where full and empty spaces alternate in a dynamic movement of angles and transparencies.

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More space

Another important work consisted in the conversion of the two floors above ground from parking garage to office building, with the consequent demolition of the existing access ramp. In this way the amount of office space has been increased and large spaces have been freed on the ground floor, making them fully accessible even from the outside.

the identity


The redevelopment also paid great attention to the aspects of system engineering, to guarantee the building's energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The latest generation of pumping wells are included to make use of ground water for both heating and cooling; the two buildings will also be equipped with inverter pumping, internal inverter systems, heat recovery of the air treatment, as well as solar panels positioned on the roof of the taller building. In order to better monitor the building's management, a sophisticated BMS (Building Management System) will be implemented.

The location



The structure is located in the Isola district, one of the most dynamic areas of Milan. In recent years it has undergone a constant and profound transformation in terms of architecture and quality of services, making it one of the most attractive areas of the city. Located in front of Bosco Verticale, De Castillia 23 is perfectly connected to the world: in fact it is situated at the center of the triangulation between the Porta Garibaldi railway station and the Gioia and Isola subway stations.

Technical data:
Gross floor area: 37,500 sq m
Tall structure height: 53 m
Short structure height: 15 m
Floor area (Main structure): 2,000 sq m
Main structure length: 100 m
Number of floors tall structure: 12 floors above ground
Number of floors short structure: 3 floors above ground
Number of floors underground: 3

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