Urban Up Milan, the origins of the future

On December 14th the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery hosted the inauguration of a highly evocative exhibition program designed by Urban Up with the support of the Municipality of Milan, conceived and designed by Studio Azzurro

Milan, December 15, 2017 EVENT PRESS RELEASE

Inauguration of the "Milan. The origins of the future" exhibition.

In December we were at Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery with Urban Up for two important events.

On January 31, 2018 the exhibition "Milan. The origins of the Future" promoted and organized by Urban Up and hosted by the Urban Center from December 15th. Famous guests, institutions, architects, and entrepreneurs attended the inauguration held on December 14th.

On December 14th at 6.00 pm the exhibition "Milan The Origins of the Future" was inaugurated at the Urban Center in the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery. A highly evocative exhibition program designed by Urban Up under the support of the Municipality of Milan, conceived and designed by Studio Azzurro. It was a way to tell the great changes of the city of Milan, through its iconic buildings from 1925 to 2025.

The welcome was given by Alfredo Spaggiari, Director of the Urban Center who hosted the exhibition until January 31st. Afterwards, the Councilor to the Urbanist Pierfrancesco Maran spoke about the strategic role of urban suburbs in the Milan of the future. In the end, Giuseppe Lobalsamo and Massimiliano Morrone spoke about the philosophy and values promoted by the Urban Up project.

The guests interacted with the “Ring of Time”, an installation consisting of 12 monitors, of which 4 are touch-screen, showing thirty-two silhouettes of 32 architectures, milestones of this journey through time in the city and its urban structure. They also had the opportunity to take a closer look at the models of three important ongoing projects in Milan promoted by the Unipol Group: Centro Direzionale (arch. Mario Cucinella), De Castilla 23 (CMR Project) and Galfa Tower (arch. Maurice Kanah). Finally, once again after Milan Fashion Week in April, it was possible to have an amazing virtual experience thanks to an interactive journey in the 3D map of the city through VIVE technology, the most innovative in the field of virtual reality.

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