Torre GalFa Christmas Tree

The last floor of the Pirelli skyscraper was the ideal place to “light up” the Torre GalFa Christmas Tree, the tallest Christmas tree in Milan, on the evening of 29 November

Milan, November 29, 2018 EVENT

Thanks to the extraordinary view of Torre GalFa from the Pirelli, the evening guests experienced the “lighting up” in real time of the luminous 70-meter high tree positioned on the tower façade.
The elegant installation, realized with thirteen blue rows of light 80 meters in length, topped by a white shining star 4 meters in width made up of 2,000 LEDs, shone throughout the Christmas holidays. A way to celebrate the final stretch of the Torre GalFa construction yard, which in 2019 will be returned to the city completely renovated.
At the “foot” of the Torre GalFa Christmas Tree, over 2 kilometers of lights illuminated the streets Via Fara and Via Galvani, from which GalFa takes its name. An initiative aimed at redeveloping the entire Central Station area in line with the objectives of the Municipality of Milan and of the Associazione Central District.

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