TAKE CARE: Romana 19 hosts the Unipol Group’s modern and contemporary art

From June 12 to September 27 Romana 19, the Group’s headquarters, hosts the TAKE CARE exhibition

Milan, June 12, 2019 EVENT

From June 12 to September 27 Romana 19, the Group’s headquarters, hosts the exhibit “TAKE CARE. Power to the material! The human and technological perspective”. An exhibition itinerary set upon on the ground floor of the building, aimed at shining light on the potential of technological experimentation and new media, organised by CUBOunipol.

Lucio Fontana, first example of the display’s theme, along with other selected workers (including Francesco Lo Savio, Beverly Pepper, Roberto Crippa, and Domenico Bianchi), will discuss new materials, new technologies, and the discoveries of the era. The itinerary ends with a look at the new generations who are involved in a critical re-reading of history and reflect on the future of man in the 21st century, connecting the experimentation of materials with active reflection on new digital and virtual potential in an immersive, relational, and interactive direction, from Francesca Pasquali to Stefano Ronci and from Joanie Lemercier to Quayola.

The show will be held on the ground floor of Romana 19, the building that now holds prestigious offices and that, together with Ca’ Litta, is part of a building complex owned by the Unipol Group. The building modernisation project, entrusted by Urban Up to Vittorio Grassi Architect and Partners, was completed in 2017 and the attention to detail created a perfect and striking combination of historical tradition and contemporary design.

aking part in the inauguration, held on June 11, were architect Vittorio Grassi, exhibition curator and art historian Ilaria Bignotti, and Marco Montemaggi, Heritage Marketing Manager expert.

Admission will be free.