Light the Future: in Porta Nuova Urban Up’s Christmas has turned on the lights

As of December 4, the building at De Castillia 23 became the home of an enchanting light show: the cranes in the Unipol Tower construction site lit up while a triangle of light lit the sky in Porta Nuova, connecting De Castillia, the cranes, and the GalFa Tower

Milan, December 04, 2019 EVENT PRESS RELEASE

The show started at 8.00 pm on December 4th when, at the same time, the construction cranes of the Unipol Tower were "switched on" while a triangle of light connected them to Torre Galfa and De Castillia which, in the meantime, illuminated, transforming itself suggestively with games. of light and always different colors and geometries.

This was Light the Future : to start the light show from the 10th floor of De Castillia, Roberta Guaineri, councilor for Tourism, sport and quality of life of the Municipality of Milan, Giuseppe Lobalsamo Head of Real Estate Management of the Unipol Group, Massimiliano Morrone Head Asset & Investment Management and Real Estate Management of the Unipol Group, Ebi Grassi and Head of Promotion for UnipolSai Real Estate Initiatives.

.“We are proud of our role in lighting up the city for Christmas for the third year in a row – said Giuseppe Lobalsamo, Head of the Real Estate Department of the Unipol Group. Ebi Grassi, Head of UnipolSai Real Estate Event Promotions said that “Light the Future” will conceptually unite 3 Group property initiatives with the aim of creating value through a vision that helps towards the development and growth of the city”.

Light the Future will turn off its lights on January 6, 2020. But the future has already started.


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Picture of Alessio Perboni e Elena Galimberti