Impresæ da Raccontare

Until January 11, 2020, in Romana 19, an exhibition that tells of the evolution of Unipol Group’s communication advertising

Milan, November 15, 2019 EVENT

To the publicity and communication tools used by the Unipol Group was dedicated the third edition of Impresæ da Raccontare, with the title “The evolution of Unipol Group’s advertising”. It was curated by the CUBO Historical Archive and hosted at Romana 19, the Group’s prestigious headquarters modernised by Urban Up, Unipol Projects cities.

Advertising, as we know it today, is a product of the industrial revolution. The technology of the era allowed for the production of goods in large quantities and required a suitable communication tool. This tool is the press. In 1836, Emile De Girardin introduced paid advertising inserts in the daily paper La Presse.

At the end of the 1800s, the development of chromolithography allowed the creation of large-format colour printing at accessible costs; and so the era of the advertising poster began.

The show will be open until January 11, 2020, on the ground floor of Romana 19, the building that now holds prestigious offices and that, together with Ca’ Litta, is part of a building complex owned by the Unipol Group. The building modernisation project, entrusted by Urban Up to Vittorio Grassi Architect and Partners, was completed in 2017 and the attention to detail created a perfect and striking combination of historic tradition and contemporary design.