The Unipol Group HQ wins the 2019 Active House Label Award for the category: Designed Buildings without Radar

The presentation of all designs selected, and the announcement of the winners took place last week in Toronto during the 7th Active House Symposium

Milan, September 24, 2019 EVENT

The Panel’s reasonings call it “a splendid design for an eco-skyscraper in Milan, currently under construction. It incorporates many interesting solutions for a different approach to towers in denser cities. Further steps for the application of the Active House radar will be proposed to the designer and contractor.”

The new HQ, which is currently under construction, will be erected in the last unbuilt rectangle inside the developed area of Garibaldi – Repubblica and is a challenge for the designers and the company. In fact, the lot imposes stringent logistical constraints that influenced all of the choices in the construction processes, structured according to the highly complex organisational logic of large New York high-rise construction sites.

The new headquarters will have an elegant yet pragmatic design resulting from rigorous design development through which each element of the building, from the volume to the façade, and from the internal connecting areas to the public spaces surrounding the structure, contribute to the creation of an efficient machine, without conceding anything to pure formalism.