Galfa Tower project of excellence 2019

The “Project of excellence” 2019 award from the 27th Forum of Scenari Immobiliari goes to the GalFa Tower

Milan, September 13, 2019 EVENT

During the 27th Forum of Scenari Immobiliari, which took place September 13 and 14 in Santa Margherita Ligure, the GalFa Tower won in the category “Real Estate Excellence”. This recognition is for companies who enhance italian cities through innovative projects, improving the quality of life.

When he presented the award to Giuseppe Lobalsamo, Head of Unipol Group’s Real Estate Management, Mario Breglia, President of Scenari Immobiliari stated that “Unipol was awarded because it has major modernisation projects underway in Milan, increasingly becoming a leader in Europe. 2019, in particular, was a very important year because two large projects were completed: the GalFa Tower and De Castillia 23, known as the Razer. Both interventions involved buildings that had been abandoned for a long time, and their modernisation can be considered exemplary and innovative. GalFa is a historic building that, with a change in intended use, became contemporary, however the Razer, which had never been finished, is now an example of building with attention to sustainability. Other major construction projects, like the new headquarters by Cucinella, are still in progress.”

From the stage of the Forum Scenari, Lobalsamo commented: “we are proud to be awarded for the modernisation of the GalFa Tower. A greatly innovative project that, after years of being abandoned, thanks to the new functions that are open to the public, is now a representative of Milan’s technological innovation, responding to new international real estate trends.”

Scenari Immobiliari has been organising the Forum for forecasts and strategies every September for 27 years in Santa Margherita Ligure. It is a key event for those operating in the sector who wish to learn about and analyse markets and Italian and foreign companies through an exchange of opinions with the leading players as well as collect opinions and indispensable information to tackle the future.

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