The first installation created by TRAC - Tresoldi Academy in Bologna in the disused area of ex Mercatone Uno, the propriety of Unipol Group

Turin, October 28, 2020 EVENT PRESS RELEASE

On October 28th it was held a live streaming press conference at the Mediateca di Cubo - the Unipol Group's company museum, for the presentation of Cerimonia, the site-specific installation promoted by UrbanUp | Unipol, created in Bologna by TRAC - Tresoldi Academy, with the scientific collaboration of G124 – the group wanted by Senatore Renzo Piano to research constantly on the suburbs theme.

The opera, a 5.30 meters structure realized with mesh wire, various materials, and dirt from the ground, is the final result of a combined work between the artist Edoardo Tresoldi and 15 young students of the Tresoldi Academy – selected in July 2020 among 500 applications received from all over the world - that under the artistic direction of Tresoldi imagined and built for the area of the ex Mercatone Uno a site-specific intervention. It is a project that enhances the metropolitan suburban areas, giving them back to a larger audience and re-evaluating their perception. After almost 10 years of abandonment, the area of 4600 square meters circa, situated in Bologna in the batch between viale Aldo Moro, via Cesare Gnudi and via Stalingrado, will be the object – in 2021 – of a huge project of requalification. 18 months of work that foresee the demolition of the actual buildings and the realization of a new multifunctional complex focused on new residences and personal services.

“It has always been - said Giuseppe Lobalsamo – one f the aim of the Group to requalify and enhance the suburbs, strategic assets of absolute importance, where the social and economic future of our cities is played. We joined this program by providing a disused place that was not intended for abandonment but for a huge transformation. The opera Cerimonia testifies and confirms that the transformation has started”.

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