Kid's Factory

Kid’s Factory - an international competition for ideas for the former Laveno Mombello ceramic manufacturing facility

Milan, September 24, 2018 PRESS RELEASE

One of the historic facilities of the glorious industrial ceramics of Laveno Mombello is the focus of the new international competition of YAC - Young Architects Competitions promoted by Urban Up | Unipol Projects Cities.

Young architects from every corner of the world will compete with the design of an immense and futuristic campus for children at one of the most majestic industrial sites in Europe.

An avant-garde adventure began in the spring of 1856 with a technical and artistic development that saw a former Laveno glasswork facility transform into one of the ceramic factories that would mark the course of both the history of design and the industry itself. It is a history that would influence area development, changing the design of roads, infrastructures and railways, and impact the socio-cultural structure. Taking on the Laveno manufacturing facility will therefore mean handling the remains of a history whose roots are deep in the memory and identity of an area.

The former Laveno Mombello ceramics factory is a mastodon sleeping on the shores of Lake Maggiore, a 27,000 square meter titan that the Unipol Group, the owner of this majestic architectural complex with buildings designed by architect Piero Portaluppi, intends to open up to children by means of the KID’S FACTORY contest.

Childhood represents a fascinating challenge for designers: adults experience architecture according to a functional logic - each space has a use, and each element a destination. For children, space is instead exploration, continuous and inexhaustible opportunities - every environment can be different, every place elsewhere. This is what happens when a place can no longer be redesigned as functional for adults, but it remains within the reach of children.

Redeveloped as such, Laveno Mombello industries will become a model of architecture for educational purposes, in creating a true atlas of design for children through its impressive dimensions with poly-semantic and poly-functional spaces. A school, library, camping area, sports and recreational facilities, workers, and pet center will not only have to set the stage for a real city for children, but also an ideal setting for adults, in establishing a service center useful for tourist purposes as well as for the area.


  • Stefano Boeri
  • Mario Cucinella
  • Arne Emerson (Morphosis)
  • Giuseppe Lobalsamo (Gruppo Unipol)
  • Emmanuelle Moureaux
  • Keiichiro Sako (Sako Architects)
  • Ben Van Berkel (UNstudio)
  • Luca Varesi (Wip srl)
  • Peter Wilson (Bolles+Wilson)


  • 1st PRIZE € 10,000
  • 2nd PRIZE € 4,000
  • 3Rd PRIZE € 2,000
  • 4 GOLD HONORABLE MENTIONS € 1,000 each

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