Milan 3 April 2017

“URBAN UP - Milan Virtual Experience” and “Live the City”

From 3 to 9 April, it will be possible to take a virtual journey to the future Milan in Via Pantano, while in Via De Castillia 23, Live the City will be projected on a huge 26x19m screen, an invitation to enjoy the city during Milan Design Week

Urban Up – Unipol Projects Cities will be present at Milan Design Week with 2 initiatives: “URBAN UP - Milan Virtual Experience” and “Live the City”.
is an impressive virtual reality experience that lets visitors interact with and be totally immersed in the five major real estate projects of the Group underway in Milan. Urban Up chose to use the HTC VIVE technology, currently the most innovative in the field of virtual reality. During Design Week, in an especially equipped space in Via Pantano 26, on the ground floor of Ca’ Litta (one of the main real estate assets of the group being redeveloped thanks to a project by Studio Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners), from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm visitors of the FuoriSalone will be able to “walk” through a Milan never seen before, interact with the surrounding environment, select video content, activate informative graphics and “experience” special interactions with the virtual environment around them.
“URBAN UP - Milan Virtual Experience” - which may also be accessed with certain Samsung VR Gear with a specific App for content in 360° stereoscopic mode - is not just a project publicising the Milan property assets of the Unipol Group but a true innovation in real estate marketing. With this initiative, Urban Up is among the few players in the sector to have chosen virtual reality as a new media and language of communication for the promotion of its real estate assets.

During the same week, De Castillia 23 a building owned by the Unipol Group currently undergoing redevelopment (CMR Project), will be lit up in the evenings by a 26x19m maxi screen projecting the “Live the City”, appositamente realizzato da Urban Up per il FuoriSalone in collaborazione con Interni.
“Live the City” promotes the FuoriSalone theme (Material and Immaterial) and the Urban Up projects with a series of images of the city and its treasures, alternating the faces of designers and graphic architecture, accompanied by the claim: “Live the”each time completed in a different way.
“Live the City” is an invitation to discover and live Milan during Design Week from different perspectives: Live the Beauty, Live the History, Live the Future, Live the Virtual, Live the Design, concluding with Live the Unipol Projects Cities.

The “URBAN UP Milan Virtual Experience” and “Live the City” projects were realized in collaboration with Proxima Milano, one of the leading Italian companies in the field of Special Effects and Virtual Reality.

Urban Up- Unipol Projects Cities
Dedicated to the redevelopment of real estate owned by the Unipol Group and aimed at enhancing some of the most important buildings on the Italian architectural scene, the Urban Up project started from the city of Milan, with the redevelopment of certain symbolic buildings of the Lombardy capital due to their history and position. Urban Up is a project that combines innovation and tradition with the aim of enhancing the beauty and importance of true icons in the Italian urban landscape. Through modernisation and renovation works, skyscrapers and historical buildings will once again assume a prominent role in the urban fabric.

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